Why Calcium Will Not Prevent or Cure Osteopenia

You may really be questioning the title of this post: “Why Calcium Will Not Prevent or Cure Osteopenia”  if you have been told otherwise.

Because of all the “Drink Milk “ ads and other misinformation in the media,
you may be convinced that drinking milk and eating other dairy products
(even ice cream) will produce healthy bones and teeth, preventing
osteopenia.  Unfortunately, that is not true. Calcium alone is not the answer.
Without other necessary nutrients, calcium cannot be utilized by your body…

Of the three important minerals needed for healthy bones, the importance

of calcium is definitely no longer a secret. However, you may be surprised
to learn that several factors related to calcium may be jeopardizing your
health.  The lack of some nutrients – as well as the presence of others-  can
determine the amount of calcium your body is able to use.

This means that even if you are confident that you are getting enough
sources of calcium in your diet, (and you may even be taking calcium
supplements)  the reasons why calcium may not be usable by the body
have remained largely untaught.

Do you take antacids? If so, you may be preventing your body from
digesting calcium. In order for calcium to be digested properly, the
stomach needs to be acidic. To be more specific, our bodies need
hydrochloric acid in the stomach for proper digestion. However, when
we eat an abundance of starchy or sugary foods that cause digestive
problems, many are convinced that they need to swallow antacids
(you may have some in your medicine cabinet or purse right now).

Antacids (such as Tums) neutralize  the hydrochloric acid, so the food
cannot be digested properly and is just pushed through the stomach in
an undigested state. So instead of causing better digestion, antacids
actually contribute to poorer digestion and, with time, unhealthy
bones and bodies.  Therefore, antacids are always to be avoided.

A much wiser plan is to avoid the food that causes the indigestion in
the first place.  But in the Standard American Diet, (SAD) if you use any
prepared foods or eat in  restaurants you are probably consuming
sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or some other form of sugar (often
high fructose corn syrup) in at least one part of your meal. And many
times that is the culprit.

Even without the antacids, sugar alters the digestive process so that
calcium cannot be properly digested. One benefit of cooking at home
instead of eating away from home is that you can control what you
are eating.. Another benefit is that the food tastes so much better
when cooked fresh.

For your abundant health,


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Why Calcium Will Not Prevent or Cure Osteopenia — 2 Comments

  1. Hi HueAnn,
    Thank you for your comment on my http://www.reverseosteopenia.com blog. I have not put
    up recipes except for desserts, as sugar is so very bad for bones. The recipes all
    contain the natural sugars – xylitol, erythritol, and stevia which are healthy. Also
    most of them are high in protein which is valuable for your bones. You can see those at:
    http://www.DessertIsDinner.com Also, I explain the diet in my book which you can order on
    the osteopenia website. Let me just mention that for healthy bones it is important to
    have healthy fats (extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil or grass fed butter)
    with each meal because minerals cannot be absorbed without healthy fat.
    Please avoid high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and hydrogenated oils.

    Also, there are many articles on my osteopenia blog that may help.

    I hope this helps.

  2. I am very interested in your recipes . Thank you for your time . I have just been told after a bone scan that I have very weak bones . I have been taking Oscal D but I’m having very bad side effects . My dr also wante me to take Enista but after reading the possible side effects decided to not take it . Now I’ve prayed whether I should continue the Oscal D . And I feel the answer is no . So now I need a diet and exercise program to help to make my bones stronge again . With age being a factor and just getting over a broken and sprained feet exrcise will be a slow go . I have started walking and doing a lot of research on my own so your recipes would be very encouraging . Thanks again .

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