Transient Osteoporosis

Transient osteoporosis is a rare illness that did not even have a name until the past few decades.

Transient Osteoporosis

Transient Osteoporosis

Have you  suddenly developed an extremely painful hip,  lower back,  knee,  foot or ankle that seemed to appear without a cause, and the doctors are unable to attach a name to it?

I know of such a case, which led me to the discovery of transient osteoporosis syndrome.  It has received that title by doctors who have had patients with similar symptoms that do not fit into normal classifications of osteoporosis.

These cases cause the patient to …

  • Use crutches or canes…
  • Go from one doctor to another without help…
  • Spend many days in bed…
  • Wonder if he/she should see a psychologist…

In the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, a report from the Mayo Clinic dealt with eight such patients between 39 and 64 years of age. And in each case, according to their doctors, “there were no recognizable factors which might have precipitated the pain in the joint and the symptoms seemed to appear spontaneously” .

Radiographic changes do not develop until about 6 weeks after the onset of the illness.  Pain is the first symptom and is usually in the hip or lower back or even the foot.  The disease process usually lasts from two to six months,  (sometimes  even 18 months)  and the patient recovers completely without any disability or treatment except pain medication.

The report states that…

All the patients needed crutches because the pain prevented normal walking without assistance…

Some sought help from more than one doctor  because none of them wanted to keep taking medications without finding the real cause of their pain…

Some spent many days in bed when they were totally incapacitated.

None of the patients had any observable  mental problems that needed treatment even though they sometimes were treated by others as if they were imagining their pain.

The good news was that the illness seemed to disappear as suddenly as it appeared.   And none underwent surgery.   Bone scans showed the localized osteoporotic condition of the bone had disappeared.  The sad news is that with a few lifestyle changes,  they might have had quicker relief and lasting health for their bones.

To prevent that condition from happening to you, I urge you to read,

7 Secrets to Prevent or Reverse Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.

For your abundant health,


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