The Natural Way to Reverse Osteoporosis

Yes, there is a natural way to reverse osteoporosis and I am a living proof!

Recently Jenna remarked, “Oh, but my doctor said you can’t reverse

The Natural Way to Reverse Osteoporosis

The Natural Way to Reverse Osteoporosis

osteoporosis.”  To which I responded, “I know you can, because I did it – -the natural way, without any drugs.”

Jenna insisted that her doctor had told her she should take a bisphosphate to prevent osteoporosis. And that if she did get osteoporosis she would be unable to reverse it.

How sad that there is so much ignorance about this condition.

I sympathized with her fear. No one wants to get osteoporosis.  The statistics predict that…

  1. One half of all women over fifty will have an osteoporosis related fracture…
  2. The most common bone factures are the hip, spine, or wrist…
  3. Of those who sustain a fracture due to osteoporosis, many will never completely recover…

No wonder Jenna was worried…

But once we realize that the cause of osteoporosis is a deficiency of proper nutrients, and proper exercise, the way to reverse it is to supply those nutrients and proper bone building exercises.

I have sustained two hip fractures.  After the first one, the doctor informed me that he thought I had osteoporosis.  Fortunately, there were no osteoporosis drugs at that time and no dexa bone scan to cause the doctor to prescribe a bisphosphonate drug.

I am forever grateful that I turned to nutrition and discovered the natural way to reverse osteoporosis and to rebuild strong bones.

My second fracture for the same hip, but about an inch below the first break was due to a freak accident.  The surgeon who repaired it with a bolt and metal plate exclaimed to my husband after the surgery that he had to drill through where the first break had been and that it was, “like drilling through hard wood!”  He later shared that with me and added, “If you keep on doing whatever you are doing, don’t let anyone ever tell you that you have osteoporosis.”

What a relief that was for me to hear. Assurance that I no longer had osteoporosis.

You can probably understand why I am so disturbed when I come across news items like the following:

(HealthDay News) — “Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bones become thin, frail and brittle, and may break easily.”

I do not believe osteoporosis is a disease.  It is a condition that is not inherited and not permanent — if you really want to get better seriously enough to change your lifestyle. The best osteoporosis diet I can recommend can be found at this body building site. You can skip the muscles part and go to the eating part.  It is very good!!

The best part of my story is that I am now 82 years old and have no limitations for walking or even running. I am very grateful and it is my desire to help you realize how you, too, can prevent or reverse osteoporosis the natural way.

Hoping for your abundant health,


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