Have you wondered what a Pyrilinks-D test is?  Joan was concerned because osteoporosis ran in her family.   In her search for a test that is accurate, and not the Dexa, I encouraged her to ask her doctor about Pyrilinks-D.    This harmless urine test does not involve any inconvenience, or danger.

Pyrilinks-D, or D-Pyrilinks is short for  Deoxypyridinoline, a component of type I collagen which is always present in  your bones.  When this element is found, unmetabolized in the urine it indicates that you are losing calcium at a faster rate than you are absorbing it to build new bone tissue.

Some benefits of this new test in preference to the Dexa bone scan are :

  1. It does not use any harmful radiation…

2.   You have quick results – don’t have to wait several  months
or  years for the next test results…

3.   The Pyrilinks-D test is the most accurate predictor of bone

Radiation is so prevalent in our medical field now, that it is great to have a test that does not require radiation.

It is the very best way to test for osteopenia or osteoporosis because it gives immediate results.   And if the breakdown of your old bone tissue is greater than the rebuilding of new bone tissue it is apparent right away.   This allows you to discuss with your doctor the steps you can take right away such as exercise, dietary changes or supplements to correct the problem.

Then a new test can be taken in just a few months to see if the treatment is working.  It takes away the guesswork and suspense of  having to wait for a year or two for a new test to see if there is improvement.

So, be sure to ask your doctor about this safe, reliable  test that is inexpensive and usually covered by your insurance company or even Medicare.

For your Abundant health,


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