Is Bone Density Testing A Reliable Test?

osteoporosis-boneWe hear lots about bone density testing. But what
is it and is it a necessary procedure? Not even to
question if it is a necessary expense?

All women between 50 and 65 years of age are
encouraged to get the bone test done. But is it of
any value?

First of all, bone density testing uses a scan to measure the density of the
minerals in your bone ( any bone may be used). The result is compared to
the density of some randomly selected individuals.

The scan has no record of your bone density at a younger age and it cannot
tell you if it is greater or less than the density was several years earlier. (Of
course a future scan has some ability to do that when it is compared to your
first one.) But that value is also questionable.

Individuals vary in what is normal depending upon their body structure. And bones are living tissue. We often sort of put bones in a dead category because we usually see only bones from dead animals. But God designed our bones to be constantly sloughing off old cells and replacing them like every other part of our bodies.

It is important that we realize what the so-called bone density drugs do to us. They prevent the old tissue from being eliminated to make room for new, healthy bone that is being created from the food we eat.

For that reason, the bone may appear to get stronger. But in reality it is getting weaker because it is accumulating the old, deteriorating bone cells.

This makes the bone become very brittle and easier to fracture. That is disturbing enough, but on top of that, the drugs also cause very serious side effects. I beg anyone who is considering taking one of these drugs, such as Fosamax, or Bonita, to carefully study the side effects, so you won’t become one of the statistics.

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