How Acid Reflux Led to Osteoporosis

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Acid Reflux

Mary’s case of acid reflux led to osteoporosis.   Do you know why?

Mary had developed a nodule on her vocal chords that was caused by acid reflux. She had not had the normal heartburn so didn’t realize she had acid reflux until she lost her voice. After surgery to remove the nodule, her doctor prescribed a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) drug for her acid reflux.

By taking the drug and waiting for at least 3 hours after her evening meal before going to bed, she survived for the next several years, until her medication stopped working. When she returned to her doctor he prescribed a more potent drug.

But, during her routine physical, she had a bone scan that revealed she had osteoporosis. The doctor told her that the osteoporosis was due to the PPI drugs. He explained that osteoporosis is one of the side effects of the medication she had been taking all those years…

Her doctor told her he wanted her to take a bone density drug that he hoped would help keep the osteoporosis from becoming worse. But he warned her that she should not bend or do anything after taking the pill as it could burn her esophagus.

When she questioned how acid reflux led to osteoporosis, Mary learned that the PPI drug works by preventing the stomach from producing acid for digestion. But as calcium needs acid to digest, her calcium passed through her system without digesting and did no good for her bones or her body. Then when her blood needed calcium, the easiest place for the blood to get it was from her bones — eventually causing osteoporosis.

Mary thought about the PPI that she had been taking that caused her osteoporosis. She decided she did not want to take an even stronger one, (Nexium) and then have to take another medication for the side effects of the first one, so she refused the new prescriptions.

By searching on the internet for a solution to her acid reflux the natural way, Mary discovered a plan for eating that would balance her acid and alkaline foods. By studying and applying the material she was soon PAIN FREE, due to correctly combining delicious foods.

You can only imagine how pleasantly surprised she was that within a few days, she lost all her digestive problems. Then a few months later, at her doctor’s request, she had another bone scan and he could already see improvement in her bones.

Mary was thrilled and said her only regret was that she hadn’t found the natural way sooner. Her doctor was so impressed that he decided to look into that plan himself.

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