Hiking Poles for Osteoporosis

Why am I recommending hiking poles for osteoporosis?

One of your greatest fears when you have received a
diagnosis of osteoporosis is that you may 
fall and break
a wrist or hip. For this reason you 
might not enjoy hiking
or even walking as you once did.  
These are really valid
fears for which there is now an 
easy solution.

These poles were developed in Europe to help skiers have
a way to practice during seasons when there was no snow.
But they have become very popular with non-skiers too
and in the United States hiking clubs are being formed
to share the sport.

Hiking poles help maintain balance and give stability when
walking.  The rubber tipped ends prevent slipping even on
wet pavement    They afford exercise for your upper body
as well as your legs when walking.  Plus, they are fun to use
and some are very reasonable.

For the best values available on Amazon see:

Hikker HP-5 Anti-shock Hiking Pole, 2-pack 


 Pair of Pace Maker Trekking Poles with small
disks and vulcanized rubber feet


Disclaimer: I will receive a small compensation if you
purchase this product, but I always recommend
the very best values, and you will not be able to find
these for a better price anywhere.



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