Does Prolia Work?

Jane has suffered serious side effects caused by the bisphosphonate drugs for her osteoporosis, so her anxious question to me was, What about the new osteoporosis medication – does Prolia work?

I knew of her former problems with nausea, irritation of the esophagus and heartburn  so she understandably had the following  questions:

  • Does Prolia increase bone strength?
  • Does Prolia prevent fractures?
  • Does Prolia cause necrosis of the jaw?

So what about this new osteoporosis medication.  If you are reading this article, you are probably wondering like Jane-Does Prolia work?

An article in the LA Times- June 14, 2010 gave some pros and cons of the new drug Prolia that I will share here.

Dr. Aurelia Nattiv, who directs the UCLA Osteoporosis Center, says that the new drug has a …completely different mechanism and is a completely different chemical compound…than the bisphosphonates.

Basically, Prolia works in a way very similar to the bisphosphonates in preventing the natural process of breakdown of old bone tissue.  For that reason, it cannot be said that it increases bone strength, even though it appears to increase the bone thickness.  Therefore,  rather than increasing bone strength, the bones will probably become more brittle.   However,  in some of the testing, it appeared to help the bones of the spine.

And if it does not increase bone strength, Prolia will not prevent fractures any better than the bisphosphonates (Fosamax, Actonel, Boniva or Reclast).

How about the death of the jawbone? Researchers from Harvard and Mayo Clinic have concluded that the drug has been approved so recently that we will just have to wait and see what the long term results will be concerning this possibility.

Dr.Nattiv (who has no current financial ties to companies making osteoporosis drugs) continues by warning that “the drug’s newness means that the full suite and frequency of serious side effects is yet to be determined.”

From all the research I have studied on the subject, none of the choices of medications work as well for reversing osteoporosis or osteopenia, as natural dietary changes  and supplements.  Please be careful of any drugs you take.  So far the osteoporosis medications have had a poor track record.

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Amgen Drug Approved To Fight Osteoporosis | Health Medical Supplies

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved the sale of Amgen’s osteoporosis drug Prolia to help prevent fractures in postmenopausal women. Last week,

Publish Date: 06/15/2010 8:28

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor.  I am a retired nurse and nutritional researcher.  The FDA has not evaluated these statements. The contents of this post are not to be considered medical advice and are for educational purposes only.  If you are experiencing health challenges, always consult your doctor for medical advice.

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