Do Osteoporosis and Kidney Stones Have a Common Cause?

Kidney stone

kidney stone

Today I want to share the painful experiences that Carol
had when she developed kidney stones for two years in a

Then to make matters worse, she was warned that her
bone density was low so she could be heading for
osteoporosis.  She couldn’t help wondering, “Do
osteoporosis and kidney stones have a common cause?”

Carol was told that her kidney stones were composed
mainly of calcium. So she immediately concluded that she must be eating too
many dairy products and therefore getting too much calcium.  But just the
opposite is true.

It is well  known that the calcium that winds up in your kidney stones or your
joints or arteries is not fresh calcium from the food just eaten.  Rather it is
calcium that has been leeched from your bones- causing osteoporosis.

  1. But what causes calcium to leave your bones and become kidney stones?
  2. Should we cut down on calcium to prevent kidney stones?
  3. What will happen to our bones if we eliminate calcium?

So, what about Carol’s question, do osteoporosis and kidney stones have a
common cause?

First think about the reason why calcium leaves your bones. It is absolutely
necessary for  you to have 1% of your calcium in your blood.  That has to be good

calcium that is freshly assimilated from your food or available supplements.  So
you need to get calcium from your food or supplements regularly.  And you must
consume the same amount of magnesium and phosphorous for it to absorb.

Also, you must have enough Vitamin D3 for them to digest properly to get into
your blood.  When that doesn’t happen, your blood has to get its calcium requirement from your bones.

So then, instead of cutting down on calcium when that happens, you need instead to increase your magnesium and Vitamin D3 and other vitamins that allow the minerals to fulfill their intended purpose.

When you have kidney stones or deposits anywhere in your body that are
composed of calcium, you can be sure that calcium is being taken from your bones.
Therefore,  you can know that the cause of the calcium deposits and the weak bones is one and the same.

Either you are not taking in enough calcium, or you are not getting enough of the other nutrients to get the calcium into the bones where it can make them strong.

For Your Abundant Health,


Disclaimer:  The FDA has not evaluated these statements. The contents of this post are not to be considered medical advice and are for educational purposes only.  If you are experiencing health challenges, always consult your doctor for medical advice and follow it even if it contradicts the contents of this post.

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