Collagen For Bones?

Yes, collagen is the organic part of bones and teeth. I suppose we most often think of face creams when we hear the word collagen.   But collagen for bones is a neglected topic.   It is a protein that is present in many parts of the body.   In bones, it has a very important purpose.

We need collagen for bones because without collagen, even though we may be able to digest calcium to the point that it gets into our bloodstream.   Without collagen in the bone tissue, there is nothing to  hold calcium in our bones when the blood travels through…

Most of us know we need calcium to grow strong, healthy bones, but without collagen, when calcium is delivered to our bones by our blood stream, it just travels straight through and is not deposited where needed.   Collagen acts sort of like glue to catch the calcium and keep it where it is needed in our bodies.

But how do we get collagen into our blood? It is manufactured by the body using Vitamin C.  Without Vitamin C, no collagen and without collagen no healthy bones.  Could that be a reason why you have osteopenia?

Considering the fact that your cat is able to produce 4,000 mg. of Vitamin C each day, and humans don’t produce any, we either need to eat lots foods that contain vitamin C or else supplement our diets with Vitamin C powder or take it in tablet or capsule form.

It isn’t difficult to understand that if an orange contains only 60 mg. of Vitamin C, I would need to eat 66 oranges per day just to have as much as my cat — if I had a cat.

Of course, we do get some from other raw fruits and vegetables also, but it is ridiculous to believe that we only need one serving of orange juice per day to get enough to supply what is needed for healthy bones or that we should not take more than 100 mg. as a supplement. For many years nutritionists have recommended taking at least 3000 mg. per day.

Remember, we need Vitamin C to make collagen, and we need collagen in order to have healthy bones. One reason for so much osteopenia in our society is that we are woefully lacking in Vitamin C.

Collagen for bones is an absolute necessity!!

For your healthy bones,


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